2012 Neighborhood Spring Clean Success

(Written by Lisa K)

More than 55 neighbors participated in yesterday’s Spring Clean–attending the planning meeting, donating money, creating the flier, distributing the fliers and door-belling, putting up signs, recruiting high school students, contacting the college, getting the bags and other supplies from the City, hosting the morning gathering, bringing snacks, removing invasive plants from the green spaces and mulching with wood chips, picking up trash on the streets and stairways, collecting the bags of trash and bringing them to the central collection points, creating a fun game, hosting the potluck, making the potluck food, washing the potluck dishes, and more! Thanks to everyone!

Here are photos of our two piles of consolidated trash (which the City will be picking up–hopefully soon). The first is on 17th between Holly and Myrtle; the second is on 18th a little north of Myrtle.

Four clean-ups a year are on the calendar. The next is on Saturday, July 7th.

 – Trash Pile 1

 – Trash Pile 2

Here’s a slideshow of all of the pictures from the Spring Clean.

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