Green Spaces, report for August 2012

Here’s a report from Lisa Kauffman, on Green Space events and More:

ON AUGUST 12th..

Ten people moved 80 cubic yards of wood chips from the western edge of the 19th Avenue Ravine at Holly down into the green space, in preparation for future restoration work and the “food forest.”

Twenty-two people attended a barbecue and potluck at Karen, Jen, and Jeri’s house, and shared information and ideas. Topics included:

*  Saving our neighborhood green spaces (including our own yards) from invasive plants, such as  holly, ivy, knotweed, laurel, and hawthorn

*  Planting native trees and shrubs, not only for their beauty but because they

–  shade out invasive plants
–  create native diversity, which maintains natural checks and balances
–  filter polluted street runoff that is endangering the Duwamish River and Puget Sound
–  intercept winter storm water and reduce flooding
–  and more!*  The great restoration work being done by neighborhood volunteers in the 19th Avenue Ravine, the Sanislo Wetland, and the Graham Street Stairway.
Come check out these ONGOING GREEN SPACE WORK PARTIES! (Students can earn community service hours for participating.)
– Every Thursday, 5 to 7 PM (new time) in the Graham Street Stairway (between 18th and 21st). Contact Kim, at 766-9290.
– Every second Sunday, 10 AM to 2 PM, in the 19th Avenue Ravine (meet at 18th and Holly). Contact Karen, at 937-7303.
– Every fourth Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM, in the Sanislo Wetland (meet in front of Sanislo School, on Myrtle). Contact Steve, at 650-9807.