Important Contacts

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Download the “Find It, Fix It” App to report abandoned vehicles, graffiti, illegal dumping, parking violations, potholes, streetlight and sign repair, and other miscellaneous issues (e.g., homeless encampment, needles).

Police Department Resource Numbers

Call 911(24 hours) for: Emergency
All medical, fire and police emergencies, and anytime you believe there is a need to send police, fire or medical personnel to the scene.

Call 206-625-5011 (24 hours) for: Non-Emergency
Any incident which you believe should be reported to the Police Department but does not require immediate dispatch of an officer to the scene.

Call the Southwest Precinct Watch Commander at 206-733-9800:
-If you have an administrative or procedural question.
-If you have a comment regarding an officer’s actions, or a “Thank you.”
-If you have a suggestion.
The Southwest Precinct address is 2300 SW Webster St, Seattle, WA 98106

Call the Southwest Precinct Community Policing Team at 206-684-5483:
If you have a chronic, on-going problem that has not been resolved by calling 9-1-1. Officers are assigned by geographic area, so please indicate the address or area of concern so the appropriate officer can respond.

Call Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Burbridge at 206-256-6820 (desk)
or 206-471-2849 (cell), Email:
For information on Block Watch, neighborhood crime and public safety concerns, personal safety and workplace safety presentations, and to schedule free home security surveys.

Call the Narcotics/Vice for:
On-going suspected drug activity 206-684-5797 (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)
On-going suspected gambling/prostitution 206-684-8660 (9:00 am to midnight)

Call the Check Fraud and Forgery Unit at 206-684-8981 (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)
Information on criteria for accepting checks and prosecution, and follow-up on cases.

Call Parking Enforcement at 206-625-5011 (24 hours)
For reporting abandoned vehicles on public streets; vehicles parked on planting strips; blocking driveways and on-going parking violations and problems.

Abandoned Vehicle Hotline: 206-684-8763

Call the Harbor Patrol (24 hrs.) at 206-684-4071
For reporting any emergency or crime occurring along the ship canal & waterways.

Call SPD Emergency Management at 206-233-5076
For Disaster Preparedness classes and information

Seattle Police Department Website:

Non-Police Public Safety Numbers

Call the Department of Planning and Development at 206-684-7899
For concerns on structures that pose a danger to public safety, and illegal littering, storage, weeds, parking, etc. on private property

Call Animal Control at 206-386-7387 (7:10 am to 8:45 pm)
For injured or dangerous animals and lost pets, stray animals, animal cruelty.

Call King County Environmental Health Services at 206-205-4394
For disease prevention through proper sanitation, safe food, proper disposal of waste and toxics, and management of disease-carrying pests

Call the Fire Department for:
Fire education and prevention 386-1450
Suspected arson activity 386-1350
Arson Alarm Hotline: 1-800-55-ARSON (1-800-552-7766)

Call the Parks Department for:
Security in the parks 206-684-7088
Park maintenance 206-684-7250

Call the Seattle Department of Transportation for:
Traffic and speeding concerns 206-684-7570

Call Seattle Public Utilities for:
Graffiti, litter & illegal dumping 206-684-PKUP (7587)

Call Seattle City Light for:
Customer Service, additional street light, commercial or residential
-Floodlight rental 206-684-3000
-Street light repair 206-684-7056
-Outage Hotline 206-684-7400

Call Southwest Customer Service Center, 206-684-7417, for general information regarding city services and resources. This center provides bill pay, passport services, application forms for voter registration, business licenses, pet licenses, and more:

Seattle Public Schools Security: 206-252-0626 (24 hours)

Child Protective Services, Day Intake: 1-800-609-8764
Central Intake, Night: 1-800-562-5624

American Red Cross Seattle Office: 206-323-2345
1900 25th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98144

Washington Poison Center: 206-526-2121 or 1-800-732-6985

City of Seattle Customer Service Bureau 206-684-CITY (2489)
The Mayor’s complaint line. For all other services needed, including reporting abandoned vehicles.