We have a facebook page that you can join:

We have two Google Groups that you can subscribe to:

  1. Puget Ridge Safety
  2. Puget Ridge Community

What is each group for?

Puget Ridge Safety

  • Crime
  • Lost pets
  • Any safety issues (e.g. natural disasters)

Puget Ridge Community

  • Neighborhood Events
  • Selling/buying/bartering/trading items and services
  • Freecyling – free items, services, skills
  • Ideas for the neighborhood
  • Anything else!

How do I email a group?
Note:  You must be subscribed to a group before you can send an email to it.

Puget Ridge Safety: send your email to
Puget Ridge Community: send your emails to

Note that all replies to a new email are sent to the author of the email. Replies-to-all are sent to the entire group.

How do I subscribe to a group?

Simply click on the links at the top of this page and follow the instructions on the respective page to join

For everyone else you have two options:
1.    Email and someone will add you
2.    For the Safety group copy this link to your clipboard (ctrl+c):
For the Community group copy this link to your clipboard (ctrl+c):

Open up and a new browser window and paste (ctrl+v) in the address. Important! Don’t press enter or go yet.

Change to your real email address (e.g.
Press enter in your browser. If successful, you will receive an email in your inbox to confirm your membership.
Go to your inbox and click on the Join this Group button in the activation email.

That’s it! You are now subscribed to the list and can post and reply to messages.

Any problems? Contact us for help at