Puget Ridge 2014 Fall Cleanup

Right at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 25, 2014, the sun came out for the Puget Ridge fall cleanup! And the rain held off until we finished our work. Twenty-one Puget Ridge neighbors of various ages picked up about twenty-six bags of trash, several tires, and various interesting items from Puget Ridge streets, stairways, and green spaces.

In the evening, sixteen neighbors attended a potluck and meeting. We learned more about the future of Puget Ridge Edible Park and about the goats that are temporarily living there.

In the new year the City will begin the process of allocating funds for the development of projects such as ours. Eventually our project will be funded. Then we can hire an architect to help us design our “edible park.” Once we have the design, we can all get to work–building soil, planting, and so on. We hope to also have some work parties before all of the above happens.

At the meeting we took turns sharing about our individual food-growing gardens. Many people had been growing food and reported on successes and failures with various crops. We talked about how we might help in each other’s gardens, and help other neighbors get started in growing food. Also, some of us have sunny yards and grow a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers; others have a lot of greens; some of us have fruit trees; some even have chickens! Perhaps we could specialize in what we grow and trade with each other.

Puget Ridge is doing cleanups every quarter. We hope to see some of you at the winter cleanup! (Date to be announced later.)

Katie Kauffman
Esperanza Lazo
Lisa Kauffman
and others