Puget Ridge Winter (2014) Cleanup Report

On a bright, sunny day–January 25, 2014–twenty-seven neighbors, including children, made Puget Ridge’s public spaces look a lot better. Twenty-five bags of trash were left for pickup by the City, at the bottom of Croft Place at Juneau.

Seventeen neighbors met in the evening. The following topics were discussed: Green Space Restoration: Contact Steve for more information: gardencycles@hotmail.com • Emergency Preparation: We are as strong as our weakest link. What if every Puget Ridge neighbor takes just one small step today, and another in a month!? For more information: http://www.seattle.gov/fire/pubed/business/disasterprep.htm • Cleanups: There is already a garbage can (donated by Home Depot) at 21st and Juneau. Where else do we need them? (Home Depot would donate more.) • There was also a report on the Delridge Grocery and the West Seattle Time Bank