Spring Clean 2015, Garden Tour, Meeting

Twelve neighbors participated in our 2015 Spring Clean including three young people. It was good getting to know each other. Some spots in the neighborhood (for example, the Holly and Myrtle stairs), look better, thanks to the work of our Spring Cleaners. .

The garden tour was also a success. It was a beautiful day for a garden tour. Folks learned about permaculture concepts, saw some unusual edible plants, and took in a large variety of berry bushes and fruit trees.

In the evening several of us enjoyed a potluck while playing “Puget Ridge Trivia”—i.e., asking and answering questions about Puget Ridge, past and present. We have a history! (“Anyone remember when there was a small grocery store right in Puget Ridge?” Someone did!) Prizes, donated by neighbors (thank you!) enlivened the last part of the evening.