Coaching and Training

Company: DNA Dialogues

Neighbor: Melanie Sears
Industry: Artist/Naturalist
Phone: 206-484-1763
I live at Duwamish Cohousing and teach conflict resolution, Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Justice. I work with couples to evolve their relationship and increase the emotional connection. I work with individuals who are ready to heal and grow. I also work with businesses who want a more compassionate workplace. I am the author of several books about communications and am internationally known. I call myself an empath but others think of me as a life coach or a councilor. Some insurances pay for my service under my psych. nursing credential. If you have issues in your relationship or just want more emotional intimacy, call me. Or if you are an individual and are struggling with any issues, call me. Or if your business is having problems with things such as bullying, or inefficiency, call me. Melanie Sears RN, MBA

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